Congratulations! It’s a blog!

I have found myself stumbling into unchartered territory….a blog. Whilst I have frequented blogs, I never imagined myself to become one of the countless bloggers on the net today. But here I am. For the entire world to see. I feel rather stripped of my clothing. Baring my thoughts and ideas to the world.

Why have I begun the journey of creating a blog? While the reasons are many, two of the whys and wherefores lie in my past, present and future.

You see, my mind is in such a state. Cluttered like a cellar that needs continual cleaning. Not just periodically but constantly. Many a nights I will wake from my slumber with thoughts and ideas parading in my mind like those participating in a slow-paced race. It develops to a point that seeking continued sleep is no longer an option. Therefore my hope is to capture these thoughts and unleash them eventually allowing me to partake in a full night’s sleep. Oh how splendid that will be.

The second objective of this blog is to hone my literary skill developing into the writer I was destined to become. At the present time, I am penning my first novel which I hope to expand into a 3-part series. Then there is the reference book which I sadly cannot disclose the topic of just yet but this is something that truly excites me.

Perhaps during my next chapter I will delve into the rationale behind my blog title. Let us just keep it as two things that are of great interest to me. I will leave it at that for now.

As I conclude my very first post, I am listening to “Days Gone By” from the album Songs from the Floodplain. Beautifully written, arranged with such craft and precision and sung in a haunting tone, this song tugs at my heart. If you have not been introduced to Jon Boden’s work, I recommend this album. You will not be disappointed. Well done Mr. Boden…well done!