Clearing Out the Clutter (My Thoughts)

I admit it. My brain works overtime. Since I was a wee child, thoughts constantly run through my head. Often times this process robs me of peaceful and continued sleep.

The issue I face is not falling asleep, rather staying asleep. Often times I will wake typically around 4:30 each day, and it’s off to the races. Of course I will drift in and out of slumber but once I reach that moment there is no turning back.

In an attempt to combat this I have decided to produce a list of questions, thoughts, and ideas that keep me awake at night.

Now, I am not seeking answers because, after all, many answers are never quite the same depending on the respondent. Let us see if this exercise will prove successful.

  1. Will the world revert to simpler times?
  2. What do dogs think when they brain bore into your soul?
  3. Why are people inconsiderate?
  4. Global warming is a reality. People need to accept that and do something to salvage what is left.
  5. I miss my mum.
  6. Why ask for one’s input and then disregard it completely?
  7. I have so many story ideas in my head. I need to pen them.
  8. I am beginning to lose my memories of my father.
  9. Let’s all begin to verbally communicate rather than email or text. How splendid would that be?
  10. Clowns are simply creepy.
  11. Why do I constantly worry that I am not good enough when I know I can excel a lot more than my peers?
  12. What will I be facing at work tomorrow?
  13. Just how many emails will there be in my inbox?
  14. If I could do it all over again I would have taken that leap….or would I have?
  15. Stop singing songs in my head!
  16. What if this is the end of the road? I guess we will never know will we?
  17. I am going to spread my wings and fly tomorrow!

And that my friends and readers is me just scratching the surface.


Why FolkFairy?

By now you might just be wondering what crazy thoughts were running rampantly through my mind for me to land on naming my blog….FolkFairy. Perhaps not. But if you are a wee bit interested read on my friends.

Since I was a young child I was always fascinated with tiny fairies. I hold Mr. Disney responsible for this fascination. Tinker Bell was one rough and tumble fairy. How I wished I could fly like her. Fairies, to me, bring a sense of mystery yet whimsy. It is my understanding that fairies do come in all shapes and sizes but I found myself interested in the small sprites.

Imagine the powers they possess and all the magic and beauty they can bestow. I recall a friend teasing me for liking fairies telling me they only exist in fairytales. I remember to this day her saying, “They don’t call them fairytales for nothing!” Please note the stress she placed on the word fairy.

As I attempted to mature into adulthood, I still held my love for fairies close in my heart. A recent trip to the Magic Kingdom kindled the flame, and now I find myself strongly drawn to these whimsical creatures once again.

I have always wanted to meet a fairy and although that has yet to happen, I do believe it will. Fairies, after all, are real whether you like it or not.

So how does the word “folk” tie in with “fairy”? English folk music is an obsession of mine. As I purchased a musical CD through an online store, their “recommendations” appeared on my screen based on my prior purchasing habit. One particular CD caught my eye: Beginner’s Guide to English Folk. I took a chance and ordered the 3-set disc without listening to one sound bite. After that I became hooked. It has now grown into an obsession which will eventually transform into a story.

Such is my interest in this musical genre that I am now learning to play the fiddle. I may touch more on that subject as I learn to progress in my musical training.

So there you have it. My love of folk music plus my infatuation of fairies equals FolkFairy. You may have also noticed I gussied up appearance of my blog. I must thank my sister Judy for lending her wonderful artistic talent to create my wee fairy who now floats about my words proudly armed with her fiddle.

Oh the magic we will weave indeed!