Farewell 2014. Welcome 2105! (My Thoughts)

It is the 31st of December. Thus ends the calendar for 2014. Whilst I do not know (nor shall I claim to know) whose idea it was for all beings to be driven by a “calendar”, I do know that these days calendars seem to control our lives and very core beings.

Back in the “olden” days, we used calendars to serve as reminders of special days such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and the like. Today we seem to live by our calendars. Our daily routines are noted, projects due, classes, and for those with children all the variety of clubs, practices, games… well you get the idea.

So now I sit staring at a blank, crisp and clean calendar for 2015. Now I am not talking about the ever present calendar on my phone but a good old-fashioned pocket calendar. Do I dare jot anything other than special days in there? Or do I follow the others and fill it with tasks, appointments and duties? I will allow myself time to mull this conundrum over and proceed with my final posting for the year.

I will not subject you readers to a page full of sentimental rubbish of what occurred this year. However, I will say that 2014 proved to be a very exciting, scary and pretty good year all around.

For those that know me, the past several years have been fraught with disappointments, struggles, sadness, daunting decisions, mourning and yet….. a glimmer of hope. I must say I am truly chuffed at how this year played out as I saw dreams come to fruition and a clearer understanding and path to where I am headed.

I face 2015 with the excitement one might expect from a child. Why? Because I look forward to what lay ahead for me next year. Now I do not subscribe to the idea of “resolutions”. Sure we can all resolve to do things or stop doing things but how many truly maintain these notions and succeed? I, for one, do not and will not fool myself into thinking I will.

However we can strive to set some sort of goals and work towards making them a reality. But do not beat yourself up if you do not succeed.

One thing I do want reduce in my life is making plans. I admit it. I am a planner. Now, I will go on the record to say that for big things like selecting my courses or planning a big trip (which I will be taking the latter part of 2015), I will need to be methodical in my decisions and scheduling. Aside from bigger picture tasks, if you will, I want to allow life to happen and not force it.

One of bigger tasks that lie ahead for me actually starts tomorrow, 1 January 2015. I will be undertaking an exciting, albeit daunting, project. I have come up with a brilliant (I hope) idea to “tweet” a picture a day.

The goal is for me to share with everyone 365 photos. I will present the good, the bad, the ugly, the random, and pretty much anything that I fancy. Some of these images will be new, others older and there may be a small handful that I did not take but are cherished photos that I have from my past. The pictures are not planned. I will select and choose daily. So if you are not following me on Twitter please do so —  @Pa_tee and watch out for #apictureaday.

Finally, in 2015 I will be blogging more. That is a promise as I continue to hon my writing skills and work toward publishing my very first novel. And perhaps one day I may just post some media of my ever improving fiddle playing. Only time will tell.

I end this with a wish to all of you. Face 2015 head on. Find your dreams and make them realties. We only have one ticket for this ride I like to call life. And please don’t always hold on with both hands. Let go sometimes and you may just be surprised at what happens next.

Carpe diem my friends!