Moonlight Snowfall (Short Story)

The young man was sitting on the sofa. His body twisted in such a way it allowed him to gaze out the small window behind him. He found himself amused observing the snowflakes dancing downward from the sky to kiss the earth.

“What are you doing honey?”

He looked back at his wife who had silently entered the room carrying two glasses of red wine.

“Just watching the snow,” he responded smiling at her before he returned his focus to the outside world. She strolled over toward the couch where her husband was sitting.  She placed the glasses on the coffee table that was buried underneath an array of books, magazines and paperwork.

Sitting down next to her love, she tucked her legs underneath herself so she, too, could watch the snow show. It was such a beautiful sight. Countless, unique, frozen bits of rain twirling through the night air.

“What time is it?” he inquired.

“After midnight,” she replied in a hushed tone. She rearranged herself and leaned toward the mis-matched pair of wine glasses. Then she tapped him on the shoulder handing a glass to him.

“Why thank you,” he gushed. He turned around and leaned his back against the tattered couch.

She then curled up and leaned against him. A sigh of contentment rose from her throat.

“This is nice,” she whispered.

He nodded as he took a long sip of the wine. “Nice and quiet,” he responded. “That’s the one thing I like about snow. It is so quiet. It’s like nature is lulled to sleep or something.”

“Like our little ones?” she smiled.

He held his finger up to his mouth making a shushed noise. The couple began to giggle.

“I wonder if the schools will close tomorrow,” she pondered.

“Oh good God I hope not!” he laughed. “But just in case, I guess I need to pull out their boots and coats yes?”

“Good idea,” she responded. “Another good idea is for you to put some more wood in the furnace. It’s getting a wee bit drafty in here.”

“Nice way to kill the moment,” he remarked. He pulled himself up off the sofa and headed toward the front room to refuel the furnace.

“Oh, blimey. We’re out of wood,” he observed. He returned to the small room pulling on his coat. “I’m going out to the shed for more wood. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“Need any help?” she inquired.

“Nah. I got it,” he answered as he left the room and wandered to the front door.

The young woman jumped up from the couch and strode after him. “Wait. I want to come with you.”

Her husband waited patiently as she tugged her boots onto her feet and grabbed her coat. As she fumbled with the buttons, he shoved her knit cap on top of her head.

“You’d hate to get a cold,” he smirked. She pecked him on the cheek as payment for his kindness.

Slowly he opened the door in an effort to avoid it creaking. Then the couple snuck out of the small cottage home and trudged through the snow toward the shed.

“Wow! It’s really coming down!” she exclaimed. The pair watched in awe as the tiny wet particles glistened in the full moon’s light.

The man looked up blinded by the flurries fluttering into his eyes. As he was wiping the snow from his eyes, he felt something strike him in his right arm. Startled he looked at his sleeve and saw it splattered with snow. He then looked over toward his laughing wife who was jumping up and down clapping.

“So that’s how it’s going to be eh?” he remarked. The man bent over and gathered two handfuls of snow. Patting them together he created a large snowball.

When his wife saw what he was doing she yelled, “You wouldn’t dare!”

“You know I love you,” he said as he lobbed the ball of snow directly at her.

Screaming she jumped to avoid being struck but stumbled and fell face first into the deep snow. She didn’t move but just laid there. He observed that she wasn’t stirring. Panic took over, and he ran to his wife lying on the white blanket of snow.

“Honey!” he yelled. As he approached her, she grabbed his lower leg causing him to sprawl down into the snow.

As he attempted to regain his footing she slammed him with a snowball.

“Cheeky!” he yelled as he grabbed more snow and threw it at her. The couple began to laugh and frolic like two children in a winter wonderland.  The pair started a snow ball war hurling snow balls at each other until both were covered in wet slush. This behavior continued for several minutes until they dropped down to the ground winded.

“Oooooo when I was a young girl I loved making snow angels!” she exclaimed. She began to wave her arms back and forth overhead while kicking her legs apart and then bringing them back together.

“More like snow devils if you ask me,” he mocked. She smacked him on the arm and stuck her tongue out at her love.

“Come on! You should try it!” she yelled as she continued making her angel creation.  He rolled to his side propping his head up with his hand gazing at his wife.

“What?” she asked as he stared at her.

“You’re just so beautiful,” he commented. He then crawled over to her and leaned in to kiss her.

Just as their lips touched, both were startled when a lump of snow smacked them each in the face. Shocked they both looked up only to see their 8 year old daughter standing there.

“Do we have school tomorrow?” she inquired.