Two Worlds (Short Story)

Author’s note: The story below was a notebook assignment from a recent writing course I just completed. The first two lines were provided to me by our instructor from which we were to develop a story. I hope you enjoy it.


She wondered what it was like in his silent world, and wished she could tell him. Instead, she traced his eyebrows with her fingertips.

Running her hands down his face, her fingers landed on his slightly parted lips. A faint smile began to draw upon his mouth and grew in a toothy grin.

Anna found herself rubbing her nose along the prickly stubble that covered his chin as she cradled his face in her delicate petite hands.

His warm hand grabbed hers and dragged it down to his chest. She could feel the rhythm of his heart beating fast as if he had just finished a race.

Throwing her arms around his neck she buried her face into his chest. The scent of flannel mixed with lavender invaded her nose. How she loved his scent and how it would cling to her every time they touched.

She wondered if he truly knew how she felt. How her stomach would draw up in knots whenever he was near.

Her mind raced to when they first met through a family friend. It was the typical set up that Anna was all too familiar with. She had grown use to people feeling sorry for her since her marriage ended two years prior.

What was intended to be a courteous gesture blossomed from a budding friendship to a loving relationship.

The fact that Tom faced the world in silence did not faze Anna. As they grew closer and closer, the communication obstacles were knocked down and they learned to communicate through feelings.

But Anna desperately wanted him to hear the words she uttered countless times to an empty audience. Pulling back from him gently she mouthed the words “I love you”.

Grasping her fingers Tom helped her sign the same sentiment. His fingers manipulating hers into every letter. But then he continued molding her trembling fingers into unfamiliar words. Anna shook her head letting Tom know she didn’t understand.

Gripping her fingers tighter he formed the words again. This time at a slower pace.

Warmth crawled up her face as she felt tears beginning to fill her eyes.  Marry me? Was that right?

Freeing her hands, a loud sigh escaped from Tom’s breath.

Anna wiped a tiny tear drop from her flushed cheek and nodded her head. Yes she would marry him.

Their bodies pushed against each other in a tight embrace as their mouths met together. They relished this moment as they were preparing to embark on a whole new adventure.

Tom pulled away from her and gently slid a ring onto her thin finger. Anna gasped as she felt the cool metal touch her skin.

She ran her finger over the modest sized diamond and smiled imagining how beautiful it must look.