Hello? It’s Me (My Thoughts)

What’s that sound I hear? Oh yes. It’s the sound of crickets. It’s been way too long since I posted anything to my little blog. I can almost hear an echo amongst these pages. And that lack of sound or words makes me a bit sad.

Life, as of late, has been rather hectic. It’s been fraught with the struggle between the proverbial “9 to 5” job, daily basic to do lists and my writing. I fought with the notion of being on the clock more hours than the day permitted and sadly I lost every time. But then one day something clicked…

I LOVE writing. And I need to write. To me it’s like a drug. The more I compose the more I need to do so. I crave it. I yearn for it.

When I’m not in front of my laptop, I am penning in my head. Sleep is constantly interrupted with thoughts parading through my mind. So I had to pull out the pad of paper once again in order jot down the ideas that pop in my head before they disappear.

I am now knee deep in my first novel, and I absolutely love it! But my love affair with my novel has led me astray from Folkfairy. Upon this realization, I had a long internal conversation with myself and have decided that my blog must thrive. It’s been like a plant that has not been watered in days. Slowly withering away. So now it’s time to bring it back to bloom.

There is a plethora of short shorts overpopulating my brain. So be on the look out for new stories of all types.

But I will not just be penning stories because after all writing does not limit itself to stories, novels or prose. Writing is weaving words together on paper (or in this case a computer screen). It is defined as the activity or skill of marking coherent words on paper and composing text.

Those who know me know I love little projects. Inspired by Julie and Julia, I am going to start blogging my narrative on recreating recipes from two people who inspire me in the kitchen. I’m not going to reveal them just yet but I may also throw in a random recipe here and there.

You see, cooking and baking is therapeutic to me, much like writing. I have my own vegetable and herb gardens in the backyard and enjoy using the fruits of my labor when I cook. So writing + cooking/baking = pure happiness.

Now I won’t divulge the actual recipe, I will provide the source. It’s up to you to go find it and make it if you choose.

What I will offer is whether I hit the mark, if I had to make any alterations (I do not consume red meat, fowl or pork products so I often times adjust recipes to fit my eating choices), my thoughts on the process of reproducing the recipe and an accompanying photo of the finished product.

I’m sure there a several out there that might be thinking this all sounds mundane and we are all allowed our opinions. But I want to share things that I enjoy and will offer my honest commentary.

And not to fret, the short shorts will be peppered in my blog again so if cooking and baking is not your thing, feel free to skip over those entries and go right for the fiction and fantasy.

Until we meet again…cheers!