Barq’s® Root Beer Chocolate Cake (Baking Entry)

My sister Judy celebrated her birthday last month so I decided to bake her something other than the typical boxed cake. I flipped through LuLu’s Kitchen penned by Lucy Buffett and selected her recipe for Barq’s® Root Beer Chocolate Cake.

Now you might be thinking root beer in a cake couldn’t possibly taste good. Let me dispel that notion right here and now. While it does sound a bit off, it is utter deliciousness!

The recipe can be found on page 236 for those taking notes here. And don’t worry, I will provide a link to purchase her book because trust me…it is filled with some fabulous, easy to make, damn good recipes! I like it to so much that the book normally sits out on my cookbook holder.

I will admit I altered the recipe just a bit. You see, while I enjoy cooking and baking, I also love sharing my end results with others.

Instead of baking a cake, I chose the cupcake route. That way I could hand off these treasures to others and not simply offer a slice of cake on a plate wrapped in cling wrap. To me that is so gauche unless you are sending someone home with a “to go” plate. Otherwise, it is so much more pleasant to present a box of cupcakes rather than slices of cake. Am I right?

Lucy’s recipe is easy to follow but I did face one obstacle. For some reason I had difficulty locating an 18-ounce box of chocolate cake mix. The market near me is laden with a surplus of gluten-free or sugar-free boxed cake mixes. Then I was presented with two rows of brownie mixes. Are you kidding me? Finally on the very bottom shelf I found the only real box of chocolate cake mix the offered and grabbed it like it was a hidden treasure.

When I pulled it out to make my cupcakes I discovered it was a mere 15.25-ounce box. But their measurements of ingredients to add (eggs, water, etc.) matched Lucy’s so I went for it.

And just know that if you are faced with the same dilemma have no fear, it worked out just perfect! They were perfectly moist and scrumptious! So good that they really didn’t require frosting but to not top these lovelies with the chocolate cream cheese frosting would have been a travesty. I could’ve taken a spoon and just devoured the frosting from the bowl, it is that good! Creamy and not too rich, which was surprising to me based on the ingredients.

File this one under: Make This One Again

You can pick up Lucy’s book here:


And you can learn more about this fabulous lady here:




Time to fly off and deliver the goodies!

Until we meet again…cheers!